Nurture Your Energies




Join me, Dr Clare Willocks

On: 22nd May 2024

Between: 6 - 8:00pm BST

Location: Zoom


A two hour Journey To Vitality

This second spring gathering is again crafted for those eager to enhance their vitality and wellness through established, natural methods. It will be ideal for individuals facing specific gallbladder-related challenges like gallstones and chronic inflammation, or those wishing to boost their emotional well-being. This two hour  programme is your pathway to a more vibrant life.

  • Key Focus: Transform your understanding of the gallbladder, an essential element of your body’s energy and emotional management systems.
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  • The Gallbladder's Role: Discover how the gallbladder aids in breaking down fats and managing hormones effectively.
  • Impact of Imbalances: Explore how your gallbladder health can influence physical symptoms such as migraines and arthritis, as well as emotional challenges like anger and frustration.
  • 12 Simple Tools and Tips: Leave with actionable insights and tools to enhance your gallbladder health and overall brilliance.


  • Connection to Wellness: The gallbladder is crucial for setting boundaries, asserting yourself, and taking decisive action.
  • Challenges: Understand how environmental toxins, poor dietary choices, and stress contribute to gallbladder issues, and learn strategies to mitigate these risks.
  • Holistic Approach: Learn to focus on your gallbladder health through energy medicine, nutritional changes, and targeted movement to revitalize not just your gallbladder but your entire being.


....If you do the work !


Emotional and Physical Health:

Sharper judgment and diminished feelings of frustration and anger.

Enhanced ability to express needs and set boundaries, preventing feelings of being trapped.

Alleviation of physical symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, and digestive problems.


Overall Well-being:

Increased energy levels and motivation.

Boosted creativity and mental clarity.

Improved physical flexibility and an open-minded outlook.

A sense of lightness and ease, facilitating easier weight management.

Healthier, more vibrant hair, clearer skin, and improved eyesight.

The confidence and clarity to move forward in your life.


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"I totally cured my allergies"


I was allergic to all nightshades, onions, garlic , wine and (longer term) to cats which was cured too and surprised me even more. 


L, Spain 🇪🇸

“I kept my gall bladder”



My treatments with Clare (in parallel with tests from the hospital and my liver cleanse) were really amazing. They really helped to balance not just my body, but also my emotional health.


E, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

 “My skin rash has improved and I feel so much better”.


Your last session was amazing and really helped me shift out of a deep rut that I had fallen into. Thanks 🙏🏼



N, Singapore 🇸🇬

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I’m an experienced women’s health doctor who teaches and works with energy medicine. Integrating wisdom from eastern and western medicine with lifestyle practices that honour the rhythms of nature, I support you to nurture your energies and rediscover inner brilliance by empowering you with tools for embodied self-care.

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