Clare is the rare case of a human being who combines the most exquisite things in life:

Profound knowledge and the wisdom to use it for the benefit of all; A keen intuition and extraordinary kindness of heart; An exuberant joy of life and a creative compassion for all those suffering.

It was my good fortune to cross paths with her as she was my fundamentals teacher in EEM education in a very literal sense: She set the foundation for the deep interest, love and empowerment which I associate with Donna’s and David’s work.

In short, she is a fabulous doctor, teacher, and practitioner. Grateful to know her.



Clare is a wonderful teacher - kind, patient, thorough and interesting. She goes to great lengths to make the lessons interesting and memorable and is always happy to go over anything again if anyone is unsure about something. Everybody felt nurtured and supported by her and, having had a difficult year personally, I know that I wouldn't have continued with the course if she hadn't been so encouraging and caring. I cannot rate her highly enough.


Liz Crichton


I joined Clare for Class 3 and 4 of EEM Foundations as my original tutor's dates for these classes clashed with family holidays. It is always challenging to join groups part way through the learning cycle, however Clare really made me feel so welcome and her choice of venue, with all of us under the same roof, made for a really warm and supportive community feel. Clare is a very creative teacher and finds innovative and beautiful ways to explain topics and enhance the learning experience.  If anyone is thinking of studying EEM then I highly recommend choosing Clare as your tutor. There will be lots of fun, lots of colour, amazing food and deep learning. 

Tracey Roberts

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The class was a truly unmissable experience for me. I had been suffering from burnout at work, but there was never any question of missing out on attending this class in person. Clare created the environment needed for a lot of very personal issues to come up and be expressed, and released by members of the group (including me). We are all very grateful to her for not only teaching us the materials required, but also holding space and supporting us in every way possible. 


Katja Broadbent 


I've found the class to be such a wonderful and enlightening experience. There's so much to learn and piece together to make it become the wholeness of a person's wellbeing in terms of balance with connectivity to the seasons and elements. The learning of the Five Elements, how the meridians are checked using the alarm points, as well as sedating and strengthening the flow of energies within the meridians. The use of magnets and crystals, the learning just keeps coming! I feel Class 2 has been about making the connections, learning to pin point the strengths and weaknesses in the energies through testing. I've really enjoyed and continue to absorb and learn, not to mention apply. A truly magical and amazing experience which I would highly recommend. Thank you Clare! 



Student ‚̧ԳŹ‚öďÔłŹ

I had known Clare for many years as her yoga teacher before heading to her for Energy Medicine treatment.  I had also bumped into her at seminars over the years where we obviously were on a like-minded path on how to improve our physical and mental health.  Fast forward to several years ago when I started having a difficult time with my health which included panic attacks, muscular weakness, insomnia, exhaustion and more.    I felt I had got through the menopause okay but symptoms were similar to the female body's change of life.  Life was going downhill.   Clare used her energy medicine skills which, by working on the body as a whole, helped me cope enormously and get through this tough time.  I felt well supported and cared for under her care and guidance and loved that I had routines that I could do to help myself afterwards.  It totally complimented what I already knew and for me was a way of avoiding a life of anxiety or constant pill consumption.  I feel blessed and very appreciative to have worked with Clare, not just for the wellness treatment but her total approach to health and her kind and generous nature, truly a nature of nurture.  Highly recommended.



Clare provided invaluable support during one of the most challenging periods of my life, from time awaiting confirmation of a breast cancer diagnosis through to post-surgery. Her Energy Medicine sessions helped me to experience deep relaxation, centredness and the ability to find the necessary grounding to deal with the situation. Clare radiates a calm, caring presence and has an intuitive understanding of her clients' needs. She embodies the deeper meaning of what it is to facilitate 'healing'. 





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