Transformations, Healing & Experiences Offered:


  • Fulfilling¬†your curiosity to discover more about yourself and how your energies work.
  • Tapping back into vitality when you feel tired all the time.
  • Calm and peace when you're just ‚Äústressed out‚ÄĚ.
  • Relief and healing to areas where you¬†suffer from chronic pain
  • Bringing balance to¬†nutritional or digestive problems.
  • Reducing and reversing symptoms of¬†adrenal / thyroid or any other autoimmune/ metabolic disorder.¬†
  • Soothing and relieving¬†allergies or skin complaints.
  • Supporting and fulfilling your¬†wish to be more¬†effective, vital and creative.
  • Improving your performance.
  • Feel more joyful in your life.¬†


I will encourage you to work in partnership with me with regular self-care between treatment sessions ; this will help your energies stabilise to the changes you desire.


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